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12 Minute Affiliate is a program for people who have at least some experience in affiliate marketing. Welcome to 12 Minute Affiliate review. Is the 12 Minute Affiliate a legit system or a scam? You’ll find out everything in this review. Guy who invented this system is Devon Brown, a well-known and successful internet marketer and an overall cool guy. You may know Devon from one of his other product called Webcopycat. The 12 minute affiliate system claims that people can start earning in as little as 12 minutes. in theory it may be, but in fact you will have to wait a little longer, especially if you are a beginning marketer.




What is a 12 minute affiliate?

The 12 minute affiliate program is a “done for you” product also called DFY. Basically, depending on the level of membership you buy, you will get an access to one or more sale channels that allow you to build your own email list. After that you can promote your products, or services as an affiliate.

It’s called a 12 minute affiliate because the publisher of this product says you can set up the system in as little as 12 minutes and then you can start earning commissions. This is true, I quickly set up everything I needed and been able to start promoting products.

I have to say that the members area is done very well and it gives very good impression to the user. The main menu is on the left side, from where you have access to everything the system offers. Including all the DFY instruments.

There is a quick start guide that will guide you through all the processes of setting up whole system. It include registering with Clickbank to promote products in the system and registering with Aweber for your email marketing campaigns. They claiming to add support for more emailing clients.

The startup wizard is simple and easy to follow. If you get in to some troubles, they can set it up for you for a small fee. But this is not necessary, almost anyone can do it by himself.

After that you’ll get an access to the three associated sales channels in the following niches:

1. Make money online

2. Health and fitness

3. Personal development.


These are commonly most profitable niches all over the web.

Next thing you’ll get is sign-up page and a bridge page. You’ll also get access to three sets of email templates that you can customize for promoting your affiliate offers.

You can promote offer from these three very well known sites:



3.Warrior Plus


If you find it difficult to choose a partner promotion offer, which is really not that hard, then you can try some of their recommendations. All recommended products come from the Clickbank commission network and are all ready with your associated ID. There are a dozen associated products which you can promote. They claiming to add more offers in the future.

Funnels are professionally designed and look pretty well. Of course you customize them however you want. I would suggest you to do so. This will improve your funnels and help you to differentiate from the other users who will use the same pre-made funnels.


Done traffic for you

The most important thing in online marketing is definitely a traffic! Creating a targeted traffic is the most difficult and painful thing in whole marketing space. So, here comes really helpful tool. In the member’s area, you can buy a targeted traffic for your affiliate offer that you promote through the 12 minute affiliate system.


Training and resources

They have a training videos on how to make the most of their system. There are also free guides to different traffic generation methods, personal development, and guides on how to effectively track your affiliate campaigns.

At the moment there are two pricing plans for the 12 minute affiliate system.

First one costs $ 47 a month and you’ll get an access to everything I mentioned in this review, but you can only choose one of the three mentioned affiliate partners.

The second program costs $ 97 and you’ll get an access to all of the associated partner networks.

Both plans give you access to monthly email tracking reports, funnel guides, training videos, free ebooks, and any associated funnels that may be added in the future.

You can try any of the options for only $ 9.95 for two weeks.



12 Minute Affiliate is a pretty decent program that allows you to easily set up sales channels for commission sales and start making money online.

The good thing is that you can test the system for only $ 9.95 and see if it’s right for you.

They have helped thousands of people to build their own online business and I believe they can help you too. If you’re interested in this program click the button below and learn more about what it offers and what tools and services they provide.